Saturday, March 22, 2008

Slide show of the trip to MN

There are a few people that I wish we had pictures of the boys with.
Their Uncles, Jeff and Priscilla, Any of the cousins. So if anyone has any i would
love to add them to the slide show
Thanks everyone it was so great to see everyone. We are sure blessed to
have you all in our lives
It was so nice to meet Mary she sure is a wonderful person. And
thank you so much Julia for being so much help.

Monday, March 17, 2008

MN TRIP... Requesting photos

To all the wonderful people who we seen in MN at Jim and Marys party, we need photos for the blog. Tom and I did a terrible job at taking pictures we do have a few but not nearly as much as we would like.
We would really appreciate any pictures you took emailed to me.
It was so nice to see all of you. What a awesome bunch of people.
We just adore all of you.

my email address is

thanks so much

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Boys morning routine before breakfast

Their dad let me sleep in one morning and while he was getting breakfast ready
the boys were sitting in their lazy boys sipping their morning coffee enjoying the
morning news..
well more like their Thomas the train chairs sipping juice out of a sippy cup watching sesame street....

HUGE SESAME STREET Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like their mom was and just like their big brother Zac.. It just runs in the family.