Thursday, November 29, 2007

Great grandma Bernice came to see us!!!

Here is a picture of the boys with Great Grandma Bernice. Thank you for coming to see us!! We love you

Friday, November 23, 2007

Boys have been keeping me a bit busy lately. I dont know how my forum friend
Cindy with the triplets does it. GOD BLESS HER!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some new photos.

The boys with my friend Becky and her 2 girls. Breanna and Sierra. We had so much fun that nite. The girls were really good with Jackson and Lucas.

My brother Don thanksgiving day.

Their cousin Julia who came for a visit.

And Jackson peeking over one of his toys.....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay we had a rough day with the boys.. with naps and eating it was just rough.
Well........ as grandma garner was trying to calm Lucas down i had put Jackson on the floor to play and hopefully get tired enough to fall asleep. Daddy is in the kitchen and what happens??????????????????????? Jackson crawled for the first time.
We thought it wouldn't be until after thanksgiving.. but that little guy surprised us...... it was awesome...yes i know i wont be saying that in a month or so when both of them are tearing it up around here but it was sooo wonderful to see them doing things we were told wouldn't happen for awhile yet....
We all actually got to see it. Big brother zac grandma and daddy... it was just so cool and Jackson was as proud as can be.. a little bit on the smug side actually.
it just made my day.... i will have to post a video of it for sure..
oh i know how boring all babies crawl but i am just really excited...... wasn't expecting it for a few months....

Lucas is right behind him.. he crawls backwards well he scoots backwards. Lets put it this way he can get where he wants when he wants and as fast as he wants.. :)

Lots of fun visitors this weekend we are excited most of which have never met the boys so we cant wait

My friend Becky and her girls who are all just adorable and aunt Maryanne and their beautiful cousin Julia!!!

well gotta run...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More Pictures.

Our good friends with the babies Vicki and John and Kathy and Mark.
Toms mom with Lucas. When Grandma Marybeth came the boys were really sick
so we didnt get as many cute pictures as we would have wanted : (

Boys are doing great. Mom is tired... dad is beyond tired but we are all very very happy. Cant wait to sleep through the nite again.. wow miss those days but wouldnt give this up for the world...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Great weekend

We had a really fun weekend. Grandpa AL came for a visit and met the boys for the first time. They loved him.
Thanks for such a fun time Grandpa and for taking such good care of the boys
while you were here :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hey I miss the comments

Is there anyone out there???? I will have to step things up with this blog
to keep everyone awake.... I miss our comments sooooo much.........

Want to say hi to becky who i know was out there today and loved the blog

Jackson and Lucas cannot wait to meet you...

The boys with their Uncle John!!!

The boys get to meet their Uncle John!!!!!!!!

Here is a photo of the boys in their spider costumes.
My friend Missys little boy Jake was the same thing. I wish I had
a picture of the 3 of them!!!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. We are getting so excited for
the holidays this year with the boys being here. I cannot say in words
how excited we are for Christmas. I love Christmas anyway but to have
these 2 here is going to just be amazing.